Golden Harvest Services


Security is of prime importance to Golden Harvest. We have a contract with a reputable security service provider to cover emergency situations and the daily security needs of the resort. There is only one entrance to the estate where all visitors are screened and signed in.

The entrance is manned 24/7 and it is provided with electrical gates and cameras. The perimeter fence is supplied with alarm sensors which are linked to the security control room and at night the perimeter is patrolled by guards and dogs. In addition each resident is supplied with a panic button which links directly to the control room.

Fire-fighting equipment is kept on-site for first line response on the exterior wall.

Overnight Accommodation

Two large double rooms, each with its own bathroom, are available for hire for overnight guests, should you not have enough space in your home. Bed linen, towels, coffee and tea are provided and meals may be taken at the dining room.

Tuck shop

The so-called ‘tuck shop’, in reality a mini supermarket, provides a range of groceries. Fresh milk and bread is delivered daily whilst fresh veggies, fruit and eggs are delivered on a weekly basis. A variety of frozen goods are available as well as a large selection of dried and tinned foods. The shop is run by the Ladies Fundraising Organisation of Golden Harvest and any profits go towards the funding of various charitable projects at Golden Harvest, in particular projects at the Frail Care Centre.


Our beautiful chapel holds a variety of Christian denominational services every month and everyone is welcome to attend. It is used on a rotational basis by several Christian faiths, such as Methodist, Anglican and Roman Catholic. An organist is available for services.

Garden of Remembrance

Golden Harvest also has a Garden of Remembrance where residents can sit peacefully to remember loved ones.

Shuttle bus

On week-days our shuttle service provides daily transport to the Magaliesburg village, where there is a SuperSpar, a chemist and a post office amongst various other shops and the large minibus goes to one of the big Malls on a Tuesday. Off-site day trips to places of interest are organised on a regular basis.

DSTV package

Golden Harvest has negotiated a DSTV package at an advantageous price that includes the most popular sports, news and entertainment channels.


There is a Vodacom tower on the Estate, thus ensuring that we always have a good internet connection.

Borehole water

Golden Harvest does not have municipal water. Instead we are privileged to have two very deep boreholes that access water which has been filtered through many kilometres of dolomite before it reaches us. It couldn’t be fresher, but the water is professionally tested on a regular basis just to make sure.